MVE: Test Set 2

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The Maximum Volume Ellipsoid Problem is to find the largest ellipsoid inscribing a given polytope. This page contains a set of test polytopes, each represented by an inequality system Ax <= b, where the matrix A is m by n and b is an m-vector.

For each problem, we give A, b and x0 where x0 is a strictly interior point of the given polytope, i.e., x0 is an n-vector satisfying Ax < b.

This set consists of 143 test problems occupying files p1.dat through p143.dat. Each file contains 2+mn+m+n numbers in the following order:

m, n, A(1,1), A(2,1), ..., A(m-1,n), A(m,n),
b(1), ..., b(m), x0(1), ..., x0(n).

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