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Matthias Heinkenschloss

Noah Harding Chair and Professor, Computational Applied Mathematics & Operations Research


Contact Information

Matthias Heinkenschloss
Department of Computational Applied Mathematics & Operations Research
Rice University
6100 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77005-1827

heinken _at_ rice.edu
Phone: 713-348-5176
Fax: 713-348-5318

Office: Duncan Hall, Room 3088


At Rice

Professional Societies and User Groups


  • LaTeX tutorials

  • Collection of LaTeX commands, mathematical symbols, etc

  • BibTeX
    • BibTeX allows you to maintain a single literature database and use it to add references to all your LaTeX projects. To learn more, consult one of the many LaTeX introductions (such as Simplified Introduction to LaTeX by Harvey Greenberg) with a section on BiBTeX.
    • The file references.bib contains a large collection of references in bibtex format that I use for my research. If you add entries, please follow my template and send me an e-mail with the references you have added. I will then include them into references.bib and post the updated version.

      If you use LaTeX on the CAAM Unix machines, I suggest that you save references.bib in the subdirectory texmf/bibtex inside your home directory. Add the lines

      setenv TEXINPUTS $HOME/texmf/tex: # search path for style files
      setenv BSTINPUTS $HOME/texmf/tex: # search path for .bst files
      setenv BIBINPUTS $HOME/texmf/bibtex: # search path for .bib files

      to your ~/.cshrc file (on the CAAM machines you should add these lines to ~/.rc/cshrc.common). After you have done this (and 'sourced' ~/.cshrc) you can use

      \bibliographystyle{plain} % this can be replaced by any other bib style

      in your LaTeX file. BibTeX will look into $HOME/texmf/bibtex for references.bib (thus you need to maintain only one copy of references.bib).