COLL 300, HUM 328, 4-5:30 Monday

January 7.

  1. [5-10]. Introductions: name, major, college, STC title
  2. [5-10]. Review Syllabus - with stress on building cohort of teachers that can support and evaluate one another.
  3. [5-10]. Review Hutch's Guidelines, specially first 3 - stress that one must explicitly address each of these points in writing.
  4. [10-15]. Each student writes their STC title and writes full answers to
    What do I know about the subject?
    What do I hope to convey?
    What do I hope to learn?
  5. [10-15]. Share writings with neighbor, read and critique each other's work.
  6. [5-10]. Role of the Faculty Sponsor - stress potential to bridge the artificial territories of "academic" and "student" life. Assess needs.
  7. [5-10]. Discuss Assignment 1: Course Description, 100-200 words, due Jan 14 at Owlspace. Contact potential faculty sponsors.