COLL 300, Pedagogy For Student Instructors

7 week Pedagogy course, offered first half of each term, Required of all students who wish to teach an STC during or after Fall of 2013, and have not already taught an STC.

Goals of the course: Provide students with tools and knowledge with which to (1) develop an STC proposal and (2) become effective instructors.

When: Spring 2013, Mondays 4-5:30pm, starting January 7.

Credit: 1.

Grade: Letter. 40% class participation. 30% course proposal. 30% oral presentation.

Instructors: Alex Byrd, Steve Cox and Bridget Gorman


Jan 7. Developing a course abstract/description. Discuss scope, multiple points of view and synthesis. Answer the questions: What do I know about the subject? What do I hope to convey? What do I hope to learn? The role of the faculty sponsor.
Assignment 1. Course Description, 100-200 words, due Jan 14. Contact potential faculty sponsors.

Jan 14. Establish learning goals and means of assessment. The Syllabus. Setting expectations via weekly readings, viewings, quizzes, etc., that permit you to lead informed in-class discussion.
Assignment 2. First Draft of Course Proposal. In addition to your revised course description it should contain 3 learning goals, 3 means of assessment and outline of your syllabus, due 8pm Jan 24. Brookfield and Barell Readings by next class.

Jan 21. MLK Day, No Class.

Jan 28. Communications with students, FERPA and sexual harassment. Bloom's taxonomy. Building trust in the classroom. The Nature of Good Questions.
Assignment 3. Second Draft of Course Proposal, due Feb. 4. Readings.

Feb 4. Giving Feedback, Opening and Closing Class.
Assignment 4: Final Draft of Course Proposal, due Feb 11. Attend and report on an STC. Readings.

Feb 11. Student Development and Course Climate. Technology for Teaching at Rice (Carlos Solis at 5).
Assignment 5: Prepare a 5 minute oral course description.

Feb 18. Student Presentations.

Resources: In addition to the articles we post to Owlspace we highly recommend The Joy of Teaching and strongly recommend What the Best College Teachers Do and On Course: A Week-by-Week Guide to Your First Semester of College Teaching.